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Karen Rosetzsky

Karen Rosetzsky is a Danish fashion and lifestyle photographer based in Amsterdam. Karen’s signature has made her a household name internationally – combining an abundance of love with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll, and a tonne of energy.

In late 2015 Karen and HALAL published her first book, ‘Young Love’, which documented young lovers around the world. Its magnetic portrayal garnered much attention, praised by Vogue, The Huffington Post and GQ, amongst others, and stocked at Colette and Urban Outfitters.

Karen’s ability to depict the true story while letting it breathe enough for the magic to appear – then give just the right amount of direction – has been honed over many years into a rarity of unmeasurable worth.


Karen Maj Kornum

Karen Maj Kornum is a stylist and art director whose work spans fashion projects to entire interior makeovers.

Her magic lies in creating settings that pair entertainment with a distinct feeling of home. An atmosphere like you never seen before.

In 2012, Karen launched digital interior platform Another Ballroom which continues send her around the world on requests of all shapes and forms.

Today, Karen divides her time between these assignments for exquisite private interiors, and personal endeavours such as FAMILIES.